1. Iconicerp Company will refund any amount paid on the software in the first 14 days from the date of registration, if the customer decided they want to cancel the agreement.
  2. The customer must secure the required electronic devices, and if the customer entered into an independent agreement with Iconicerp  Company to secure some of the necessary devices, then Iconicerp Company does not guarantee or undertake to maintain them. The term maintenance under this contract does not include maintenance of any electronic device but is limited On the program to replace this contract.
  3. The customer shall inform the employees of Iconicerp Company of the faults by the appropriate means, through the following e-mail: admin@Iconicerp.com.
  4. The customer must secure the appropriate environment for the work of the program, and bear the responsibility for any breach of the accepted standards and requirements, for example: providing modern computer hardware that is compatible with the nature of the program, and providing high-speed internet to ensure the effectiveness of the program’s work.
  5. Iconicerp Company is obligated to provide regular periodic maintenance of the program during the contract period, and the original principle is that Iconicerp Company will handle software faults within a reasonable period of time.