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Cash Register

Cash Register gives you an overview of a particular user/cashier session.

Whenever a cashier opens to POS screen he/she must Open Cash Register by entering the “Cash In hand”, If the cashier has access to more than one location then the location also needs to be selected.

Every sale made by the cashier will be logged into the Cash Register. On the POS screen, You can view the Register details by clicking on the “Register details” button present in the top navigation bar. It displays the Cash in hand, and cash details by other payment methods as well. Also, the amount refunded by the cashier.

To close a cash register click on Red Color – Close Register Button. On closing Cash register a popup screen will  display the details of the Total Cash, Total Card Slips, Total cheques and other fields.

To view all cash register Go to Reports -> Register Report. Here you can view all cash register details.

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