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Setup your business details

After login, you will be redirected to the homepage.
The first thing you should do it setup your business details so that the system works according to your needs.

  1. Brand: Add all the brands.
  2. Tax Rates: Set up taxes and tax groups.
  3. Units: Add product units (pieces, meters, liter, etc).
  4. Categories: Add categories & Sub-Categories.
  5. Business Settings: Add some more details about your business. The more information you provide the better it will be for you.
  6. Business Location: Add Multiple business locations/ storefront/warehouse.
  7. Bar code Settings: Setup the barcode sticker details for printing labels.
  8. Invoice Settings: Customize invoice number as per your need. You can customize the invoice number/scheme and also invoice layouts.

Check details for setting up each and every section mentioned above.

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